Costa Rica El Vapor - Full City Roast (Medium Roast)

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This coffee was brought to you from the volcanic slopes of Costa Rica.

One of our favorite coffees ever! 

Perfectly balanced cup, lightly nutty and notes of sweet cocoa, and a mildly fruity coffee aroma.

This is one of the most exclusive specialty coffee micro-lots of the world with 5 generations of history. This balanced, clean coffee is known to be full of flavor, pleasant mild acidity, and fruity aroma.

Full city / medium roast, for those of you that want a coffee with a rich character, but also to taste the unique properties of this amazing origin coffee.

This coffee is sure to delight your senses and take you right to the loamy tropical slopes of paradise where these legendary beans are grown. Costa Rica is consistently one of the world's finest coffee growing locations, and these beans roasted to city or full city bring out all the traits that make Costa Rica famous for incomparable coffee. This coffee has notes of caramel, dark chocolate and winey undertones from the honey processing.

 The production process starts with the planting of the coffee trees on highly fertile volcanic soil above 1200 meters above sea level (SHB). It continues with a meticulous process at the coffee mill and finally ends with a strict preparation of the export qualities, which are air roasted by us immediately before we deliver them to you. The finest coffee, roasted fresh, and delivered almost immediately after it has come out of the roaster. Our promise to you is to provide the highest quality coffee in the freshest possible condition.

When you need coffee that emphasizes the origin and artisan roasting, think Barry Strong Coffee!

  •  Medium roasts that best emphasize the characteristics of each bean.
  • We only roast the highest quality, specialty-grade coffee beans that we have sourced ourselves!
  • Taste smooth, never bitter flavors with pleasant acidity and notes of stone fruit and citrus.
  • Air roasts to accentuate the origin without scorching the surface of the bean with the searing hot metal surfaces of traditional drum roasting techniques. 
  • 100% natural. We use no artificial additives or ingredients so you know exactly what’s going into each cup of coffee — just strong, high-quality coffee beans.
  • Available in ground or whole bean so you can grind it fresh or simply open the bag and start brewing